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Tesla Charging Stations and Store Locations - Worldwide

Updated: Jun 29

This dataset consists of details on thousands of charging stations and stores for Tesla (TSLA) electric vehicles (EV) over the world.

The location type for Tesla includes but not limited to:

  • supercharger

  • destination charger

  • standard charger

  • store

  • service

  • bodyshop

  • logistics

  • sales representative

  • delivery


  • locationid

  • title

  • type

  • address

  • city

  • state

  • postalcode

  • country

  • region

  • latitude

  • longitude

  • isopening

  • rundate

Sample Dataset

Download Sample Dataset


- Dataset Format: CSV (comma-separated)

- Update Frequency: Monthly

- Geographic coverage: Worldwide

Data Source

From Tesla


About Saturn Data

Saturn Data makes mobile app scraping simple and accessible to everyone. The price starts from $9.99. Contact us today!

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