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DoorDash Restaurants in United States

This dataset consists of details of 11,000+ restaurants for DoorDash in United States from DoorDash. Data fields include location number, location name, zipcode, latitude, longitude, address, state, city, cuisines, delivery fee, delivery time, service fee, review count, review rating, phone.


  • location_number

  • location_name

  • zipcode

  • latitude

  • longitude

  • address

  • state

  • city

  • cuisines

  • delivery_fee_raw

  • delivery_time_raw

  • delivery_time

  • service_fee_raw

  • service_fee

  • phone

  • review_count

  • review_rating

  • url

  • RunDate

Sample Dataset

Download Sample Dataset


  • Dataset Format: CSV (comma-separated)

  • Update Frequency: None

  • Geographic coverage: US

Data Source


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